2016 October 07 to December 17 Philippe Lardy Life Forms

Vernissage le jeudi 6 octobre dès 18H00

Exposition du 7 octobre au 17 décembre

Du mardi au vendredi de 10H00 à 12H00 puis de 13H00 à 18H00

Le samedi de 13H00 à 18H00 ou sur rendez-vozs

Philippe Lardy is a Swiss artist who has returned to his home country after a career as an illustrator in the United States and France. He will be exhibiting his works in Espace Muraille’s gallery from 7 October to 17 December 2016. Life Forms seeks to reconnect with the creativity of childhood – a world of play incorporating chance, accident and free interpretation. More than thirty works, mostly recent paintings, have been created using a variety of media, shapes and colours. Visitors will be transported to the heart of a universe of symbolism in perpetual evolution.

Philippe Lardy
Philippe Lardy vernissage