2020 January 28 to June 27 Arik Levy Independence

Opening Tuesday 28th of January 6:00 pm


We fight for our independence, but we wish to be part of something somewhere, of someone, while we yearn for freedom and independence.

Dependence and independence are like action and reaction: you are independent when you choose, but you are dependent with your choice.

The works in the exhibition express the concept of dependence and independence in many ways. While working on these materials and discovering the space during my different visits to the gallery, I focused on the notion to which many of my ideas converge, like a beam radiating from a concentrated source. The gallery space evoked several ideas: having to be inside the old city walls that provided protection, but also a frame one cannot go beyond, as well as having an above ground and underground, like an inside-out. I also wanted to change the dimensions of the space by investigating the scale and proportion of the works and physical perception, its position and orientation, so as to give an affronting encounter with ourselves, body and mind.

Espace Muraille

Self-taught and multi-disciplinary artist, after his first participation in a group exhibition in Tel Aviv in 1986, Arik Levy moved to Europe, where he founded his art and design studio in Paris in 1992.

Inspired by forms and primitive materials, which he perceives both emotionally and scientifically, Arik Levy feels “The world is about people, not objects.” and states “Life is a system of signs and symbols,” “where nothing is quite as it seems.”

Arik Levy has seen his creations exhibited in galleries and museums and permanently installed in public spaces. He is currently working on the official commission of a monumental sculpture for the Hermitage Modern Contemporary Museum in Moscow, which will be installed in late 2019 on the forecourt of the future museum.



- Installation of RockGrowthHermitage, Moscow. Monumental public sculpture commissioned to be installed in front of the future Hermitage Contemporary Museum Moscow, a unique museum complex that will see the day in the Zilart District in Moscow, Russia

- MAMO (Marseille Modulor), Centre d’art de la Cité Radieuse, Marseille, France – Solo exhibition

-Espace Muraille, Geneva, Switzerland – Independance - Solo exhibition – 01/2020 to 05/2020


-Atomium, Brussels – RockGrowth 808 Atomium – public space permanent installation– 04/2014

-Crystal Worlds Museum, Wattens – Transparent Opacity – eight-year solo installation – 09/2012 to 2020 -Crystal Worlds Museum, Wattens – EmotionalFormation, Chamber of Wonder n. 8 2017 version - 11/2017 to 2020v

Arik Levy Independance
Arik Levy vernissage / © Arik Levy